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    Core Brand

    Brand Assets:

    Status: China Tea was founded in 1949, is was the first state-owned professional company in new China, and has made important contributions to the construction of new China.

    No. 1 Tea Brand: China Tea owns the first tea brand logo of "ChinaTea". The green character “Tea" expresses "longing for and pursuit of nature and health"; the red character "China" represents the vibrant Chinese land. The product positioning and pursuit of "golden China and quality China Tea" means the concept of "rooting on the Chinese land and dedicating to nature and health". The character "Tea" with straight strokes and "China" is flowing and round, and the center position of "Tea" and outer position of "China" indicate the humanistic tradition of "being upright, fair and straight, and flowing and turning freely"; The toothed character "China" like a gear means the modernization of traditional tea and implies that the Chinese tea culture expands and has high praise in the world".

    Industrial Foundation: Wu Juenong, Feng Shaoqiu, Zhang Tianfu and et al. are the founders of the renaissance of China's modern tea industry and also China Tea, and the originators and inheritors of the tea-processing mechanization and standardized machined-made tea technology. China Tea, which participated in the formulation of the industrial standards of Chinese tea, is the originator of the fermentation technology of Puer ripe tea, new white tea process, and patented fungus and technology for dark tea.

    Status: China Tea Co., Ltd. has the registered trademark: ChinaTea, which was recognized as the first batch of "China’s Time-honored Brand". As a representative of the Chinese tea enterprises, China Tea has ranked first in the list of tea enterprises in the repository of China’s Time-honored Brand as the only whole-category tea enterprise, and also ranked first in the list of top 100 tea enterprises in the tea industry for consecutive years.

    National Name Card: China Tea's products brought fragrance at home and abroad as a national gift for many times, the brand "ChinaTea" and related series brands won the high recognition and trust of dealers and consumers at home and abroad, becoming the symbol of Chinese tea. The classic products of China Tea were offered in the major diplomatic protocol activities many times, such as the APEC meeting in 2014, and “the Belt & Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum and BRIC Meeting in 2017, enjoying great prestige in the world on behalf of "Chinese Quality" and "Chinese Image" is famous in the world.

    Core Value of Brand:

    Based on its brand’s historical assets and development strategy, China Tea was positioned as the "provider of tea-related healthy lifestyle" and deems "National Drink ChinaTea" as its brand proposition. National Drink ChinaTea represents the quality and taste of China Tea. Quality -- national quality embodies the enterprise strength and excellent quality guarantee of China Tea; Taste -- the carrier of the national spirit, and the symbol of the Chinese culture. The historical assets, special identity and mission of the brand "ChinaTea" embody differentiated value and core competitive advantage; the high quality products of China Tea will become the added value of the brand supplemented with its unique tasting experience and brand culture, which conforms to the property of tea and modern consumption trend.

    Brand Drivers:

    Product Mix of The Whole Category: China Tea is the only whole-category tea enterprise in the list of tea enterprises in the repository of China’s Time-honored Brand. The company supplies products including black tea, Oolong tea, flower tea, white tea, Liu Pao tea, Puer tea, dark tea, tea drinks, etc., forming a diversified mix of advantageous products.

    Quality Image: Under the guidance of the strategy of "whole-industry-chain" of COFCO, China Tea, through management and control across the whole industry chain and controlling the resources of high quality tea with the operation mode of "company + supplier + tea farmer" control, provides high quality raw material which is natural, green, healthy, and safe for tea production, effectively guaranteeing the excellent quality of the products; China Tea boasts for its advanced production and processing technology and equipment, high specialization degree, and strict production standards.

    Health Image: Healthy body and mind and also healthy lifestyle. China Tea carries out scientific research and development of healthy products and tea drinking ways which are in line with the needs of modern life and also represent compliant behavior and morality.

    Innovation: China Tea has 6 standardized production systems on the tea production platforms, 1 large integrated tea R&D center, 10 professional laboratories, and several technical patents.

    Sales Network: China Tea implements the marketing strategy layout of covering major markets at home and abroad, the diverse wholesale and retail terminal forms covering distribution channel, exclusive store channel, E-business channel, and so on, and built a sales network throughout the domestic and foreign markets.