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    Company Information

    China Tea carried out investigation, research and learning in China Mengniu Dairy Industry Co. Ltd

    Release time:2018-05-30

    On April 2, 2018, the members of the Central Group of the CPC Committee of China Tea and heads of the relevant functional divisions visited China Mengniu Dairy Industry (Beijing) Co. Ltd. for investigation, research and exchanges.

    The delegation of China Tea conducted on-spot investigation on the Mengniu Factory, and had in-depth exchanges in combination with strategic cooperation, brand & channel construction, production management, dealer management, research and development management, new product development and cooperation, and other aspects.

    China Tea expressed that according to the deployment and requirements of Zhao Shuanglian, President and Secretary of the CPC Committee of COFCO, China Tea was pushing forward the flagship construction, comprehensively improving and upgrading the traditional process and technology, transforming to modernization, automation, digitization, standardization, and intellectualization, and creatively working for brand marketing. As one of the world's leading dairy enterprises, Mengniu has the value of a benchmark model and is worth a systematic learning by the China Tea team; this special exchange and learning was beneficial for China Tea to open the field of vision, innovate the idea, and laid a good foundation for establishing a norm mechanism for next exchange between the both parties and further explore the business cooperation projects such as the research and development of milk tea products, channel coordination, and etc.

    Mengniu commented that China Tea, as the representative of the development of the tea industry in China, became opener and more dynamic and had made a historic breakthrough in its business performance after the mixed-ownership reform ; milk and tea products had broad cooperation space, so Mengniu hoped to intensify the cooperation in the development of new products such as milk tea under the leadership of the Group, with the exchange as a starting point, and achieving win-win situation in the future.

    China Tea CPC Committee members, Lu Minfang, President of Mengniu Dairy, Wu Wenting, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Mengniu Dairy, Gao Fei & Liu Shengli, Vice President of Mengniu Dairy, and heads of the related functional divisions of China Tea participated in the discussion and exchanges.